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The Wilbraham Choral Society could not continue providing music for the community without the generous financial support of the community. A big THANK YOU goes to all of our sponsors!



Current WCS Sponsors



Bob Cohen and Cindy Baker
Carole Alderman
Alice and Dick Anderson
Betty Ayres
Louisa-May Bouchard
Shirley S. Carpenter
Pamela and Bruce Corey
Sandra Davis
William and Jane Devlin
william j. devlin aia, inc., ARCHITECT
Tom and Lois Foy
“A Friend”
Catherine Gardner
Karen Gatchell
Lauri Gumlaw
Elizabeth and Tom Haller
Patrick and Laurie Halpin

Doug and Marcia Jackson
Tom and Fran Johnson
Stephen and Susan Kennedy
Jerry Lesniak and Joe Finnegan
Buffy Mayo
Leo and Leanne Morrissey
Colleen Moynihan
Barry and Ginnie Rickert
Janet Roper
Joan Salerno
Don and Donna Shaw
Karen and Gerard Sprofera
John and Pamela Stuckenbruck
Hugh and Sarah Taylor
Richard and Rae Teed
Connie Vandermyn
Gail and Larry Wood



Richard and Candace Erickson
Barbara and Jack Fitzgerald

Dave and Melissa Ortendahl
The Schoeck Family



Irene Cutting
Craig and Barbara LaChapelle
Singing Sisters of Springfield

Betsy Strohman
Bill and Eileen Yorns



Barbara T. Huber
Bruce and Marlene Jobson
Barbara Kruser

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Manning
Lee Ross
Constance T. Sattler



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